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by mnothling
Tecademics – ‘The Internet Marketing College’ TECADEMICS officially launched on August 5, 2016. Initially introduced as the ‘Internet Marketing College’ or ‘IMC’ during pre-launch, the new corporate name was officially unveiled by Chris Record, founder and CEO. There are really two parts to TECADEMICS. Part 1: On the one hand, you have an accelerated online continuing educational solution for entrepreneurs, business owners, employees or anyone wanting an education in online marketing. Basically, a place where you can go to learn how to make money which is sorely lacking in traditional education institutions such as college or university. Part 2: The second part to TECADEMICS is […]

The Four Percent Group

by mnothling
I have been a member of the Four Percent Group since July 2016. I joined during pre-launch and the longer I have been a member, the better it’s got! So, what is the 4 Percent Group? The 4 Percent Group is the brainchild of Vick Strizheus. It is an automated affiliate product sales system that allows multiple products from various companies to be plugged in and sold through custom sales funnels. This modular approach enables a wide variety of products to be added easily ensuring diversity of products, multiple sources of income and prevents market saturation. The major benefit of multiple products […]