Four Percent Group Review

by mnothling

Four Percent Group Review

In this Four Percent Group review, I break down some of my insights and my experiences as a member of around three months at time of writing. ** See new 2017 Updates lower down this page.

Who was Vick Strizeus and what was The Four Percent Group?

I came across Vick Strizeus on a webinar at a time when I was at my wits end with my online marketing. I had been trying to break through for about 9 months and had spent an embarrassing amount of money on programs, software and training which had not brought in any money for me.

I was overwhelmed. I was suffering from information overload and despondent with my lack of results. My wife was giving me a hard time and I had to make money soon...

One of the questions Vick raised in his webinar, was whether we wouldn’t prefer making money while we learned internet marketing? This was a whole new approach and it caught my attention. Vick went on to explain his vision for a new project he was undertaking called the Four Percent Group. What he envisaged, was taking newbies ‘off the street’ and creating success story after success story for them. They would earn while they learn. He felt that people did not need more training. They needed to believe in themselves, get focused and be set on the right path. He believes that “people fail, systems don’t.”

He was right, there is nothing more motivating than seeing money flow into your account while you are learning the ropes. Rather than a depressing situation where you are spending money and feeling like a failure because you aren’t making money, here you create a very different mindset. A positive one which is very important to being successful online.

How Does The 4 Percent Group Work?

Vick spelled out his vision where the Four Percent Group would be set up as an automated selling system that was modular. This would allow various high-quality products from very reputable companies to be plugged in as needed and the system would systematically sell them without us having to do any selling. They would source the products and then build sales funnels for each product in various markets to allow multiple streams of income for members. The barrier to entry was $49 per month while in pre-launch and they would host the funnels and set up all the back-end systems for us. What we would focus on, would be to drive traffic to the funnels and we would earn the affiliate commissions directly from the companies supplying the products.The Four Percent Group would provide training and teach us how to track, source and scale traffic.

I was very excited and joined that day.

I'm ready for the Four Percent Group Review and Vick Strizeus's plan for affiliate marketing domination!

Now, three months later, I have had the opportunity to watch and experience the progress and growth of the Four Percent Group as the systems have been built out during pre-launch. True to his word, Vick has delivered an incredible experience and an easy to use system that is documented step by step with videos for everything, ensuring that total newbies are not left behind. The group has already secured some top notch products that pay up to $4800 in commissions per sale on the top end down to smaller recurring monthly commissions of $22.

There have been challenges and delays, but we have full transparency on what is going on and are updated regularly as to what is being added to the system and how everything works. This I have found invaluable as it helps to understand how things fit together, the psychology involved and the correct flow and sequence of the sales machine.

The Four Percent platform gives us members the ability to plug into the system. We control the front end in terms of the landing page where we generate leads and build our list which belongs to us and is not shared with anyone else. We can decide which funnel we want to promote and then drive traffic to the funnel. What has been inspiring, is not only making money for the first time using the Four Percent system, but seeing how others are making money and growing too.

Summary Of My 4% Group Review

In summary, my review is a positive one and I would highly recommend joining if you would also like to break through and start earning money online today. There is a 60-day return policy if the system turns out not to be what you wanted, but I expect you will be over the moon with your choice to become a member. For further details, you can check out my YouTube channel videos here.

The button below still links to the pre-launch priced sign-up page. Check it out while the link still works!


* Update January 2017 *


One of the biggest updates in the Four Percent Group is the launch of the new Free membership which opened in January 2017. Prospects can now join at no cost to experience the platform for themselves.

Free members get access to:

  • the Four Percent Facebook group
  • Operation 100K which teaches how to drive traffic as you follow Vick on his journey to making $100,000 using one funnel which must be some of the best training available on the web. Free members get access to the first four episodes.
  • Access to weekly training and strategy meetings
  • Ability to promote the Four Percent Group as affiliates using the the latest free membership funnels
  • Webinar replays
  • The Journey Series - interviews with well known and successful online marketers aas well as members in the group that are crushing it. Vick interviews them to highlight their methods, mindset and their path to success.

To get access to all the 4% custom funnels, a free member would upgrade to a pro membership which gives them full access. The advantage of the free membership is that it gives new members a great sample of what goes on inside the group, the mindset and strategies as well as the success being generated. There is an upgrade path to full membership whenever they are ready. 

Updates to the 4% Group Vision

Another significant addition to the Four Percent vision, is the move to introduce a new range of products to address not only the financial aspect of a fulfilled life, but to address the other parts which bring success, happiness and fulfillment.


4% Life Fulfilment Chart

The Four Percent Group will be adding high end products and training from the top experts in each field to complete the package and vision of a what a Four Percenter represents to themselves and to others in all aspects of their lives. These products will have customized funnels created which can be promoted by all paid members through the platform. 

Changes to the Payment System

Affiliate payments for Four Percent commissions have are being transitioned to a custom in-house payment system to remove the maximum $100 commissions payment limitations introduced by Clickbank recently.  Due to the much larger commission products being introduced this year, this move was required and now allows for much more in-depth reporting and the introduction of a new graphical dashboard that tracks sales, membership, traffic conversions, commissions, etc.

Affiliate payments from outside vendors are not affected and those are paid directly to members as before. This maintains the multiple sources of income model. Only internal products offered by the Four Percent Group are paid through the new system.

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