Attention: This is an open letter to anyone who wants to make real money online, working part time from home...

How To Quickly & Easily Make An Extraordinary Income, Working Part Time From Home...

Even if you're starting from scratch.


From: The Desk Of Marius Nothling

Subject: How To Make A Full Time Income - Part Time From Home

Dear Marketer,

By the time you reach the end of this page, you'll have access to one of the most innovative, unique frameworks for making a full time income - working part time from home.

You’ll be able to quickly plug into a complete "Done-For-You" modular eco-system with multiple sources of income that allows you to make income ranging from small recurring commissions ($22 - $300 per month) to $15,000 per sale WITHOUT ever picking up the phone...

As you read this entire page, there will be no turning back!

I know your "Hype-O-Meter" probably turns on when you hear things like this, but over the next few minutes I'm going to personally show you how its all possible... Deal?

So let's get started...



  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work?
  • Have you tried countless “systems” that promised you the world, but never delivered...
  • Are you tired of being told to do a million and one things, only to be left feeling overwhelmed or with 'information overload'?

If you have been trying to make money online for some time, this may be the last letter you need to read this year.

Don't believe me? I'm not asking you to. If you're smart enough, then you'll read this page and see the value of this opportunity below.

You'll see how this system you're about to get access to has been purposefully designed to give inexperienced online entrepreneurs a way to start earning money immediately without overwhelming them with training, complicated technologies and marketing systems.

Now before I tell you about the system, and how you can get started, I want to tell you how it all got started...

Here's The True Story Of How I Accidentally Stumbled Across It, What Really Happened, How This Proven System Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.


My name is Marius Nothling, and I'm on a mission to help honest, serious people create time, location and financial freedom with this new framework that was recently released in August and is already disrupting the online income industry.

My goal, my mission is to not only generate enough money and financial freedom to remove the "lack" feeling within me, but also inspire and help a handful of people to generate enough income to enjoy their life both before and after retirement.

I am too embarrassed to reveal how much money I have spent on training and software in an attempt to realize my dream of working from home over the past year.

I tried absolutely everything...

I stayed up late at night learning things like SEO, building websites, eCommerce systems from setting up an Amazon store to eCommerce sites doing drop-shipping, Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, Email marketing, Videos, Facebook, all sorts that just wasn't getting me anywhere.

"Crunch Time Had Arrived"

After 11 months, I still hadn't made any real money and I was not only sick of receiving any new 'opportunities' in my inbox, but I was under pressure from my wife and I could not afford to spend any more money without making some first. I had been trying to stay positive and believe that I would make the breakthrough soon...

By now, I was pretty despondent. I had taken in all this information, spent all this money on training and I had to make a decision on how to move forward.

It seemed that all of the systems I had been following ended up having a gaping flaw that I only discovered well into the programs such as needing significantly more capital to float the business or missing critical information that I now had to find in some other program.

Some were just downright dishonest. It took me a while to realize, that many of these 'gurus' are just selling training or rehashed software to make an income and I don't believe many of them actually make money utilizing the systems they preach.

"Finally, A Breakthrough!"

This was the background of where I was when I happened to record a presentation for yet another 'exciting opportunity'.

I had decided to cancel all my subscriptions that were still active and was also unsubscribing from email lists that were flooding my inbox. As I was deleting emails, one caught my attention and the presentation was due to start in a few minutes. By now, I had got into the habit of recording these type of sessions that sounded interesting so that I could just fast forward through them to see if there was anything worthwhile in them without sitting through another 2 hour sales pitch. I started recording and continued cleaning out my emails.

The presentation was still recording in the background and I had the sound turned off. It was a presentation by one of the vendors I had bought software from previously. What caught my eye was a sudden change to a presenter I did not recognize. I turned on the sound and proceeded to become more fascinated by what he was speaking about...

What Caught My Attention

The presenter, Vick, was talking about how the online industry was set up to make money by training newbies, but keeping them from becoming competitors. They would rather keep you as a consumer on their email list that they can keep selling more products to. They do this by providing incomplete segments of information without giving you the full picture and then providing additional solutions by selling you programs from other marketers that they make affiliate commissions on.

He showed us the results of a survey that his company had just undertaken with a segment of 2730 online marketers, 78% reported making less than $100 per month - most make nothing...

There were other, just as damning results from the survey, but he had got my attention by now.

He went on to explain that he was a very successful online marketer and trainer, but he wanted to bring about a change in the online industry that would once and for all, change this cycle of newbies stuck moving from one opportunity to the next and failing.

He then detailed a new concept and framework that he was putting together that had never been done before in the internet marketing space.

"How To Take Any Newbie With No Online Sales Experience And Turn Them Into A Success Story"

The core concepts that hit home for me were the following:

  • A modular system that allows for plugging in any high-quality product from any selected vendor with an excellent reputation and product. Products that are proven and necessary for people to use and have. The products would not compete with any other products in the system but would rather enhance them to form a cohesive system. The products must pay affiliate commissions when we sell them.
  • Products that pay out low end but recurring monthly commissions ($22 to $250), mid-range commissions ($500 to $2000) per sale and big ticket commissions (currently up to $15,000 per sale).
  • The system provides for income from multiple sources so that if a vendor is not there tomorrow, my business does not come to an end. The system is flexible and can add or replace any vendor in the system at any time. It is like a 'lego' system. 
  • The barrier to entry for this system was to be low enough to put it within reach of any newbie that does not have a lot of money - currently you get free access to the platform where you can check it all out for yourself.
  • The infrastructure would be set up and done-for-you so that you can focus on making money immediately while you learn all the details as you go. The big difference is that you make money straight away. You don't pay for a course and then spend the next 2 months in overwhelm trying to put it all together before you can start making money!
  •  All the parts needed to make money are done for you, complete sales funnels, follow up email sequences, sales videos, sales pages, sales tracking and conversions.
  • Approaching and negotiating with vendors for new products and then creating a complete sales process and funnel for each product is done for you. Multiple funnels for each product are then created which allows split testing of different sales angles for different audiences.
  • The main training is focused on the 20% of activities that will produce 80% of the results. This is actually achievable because of the done-for-you infrastructure.
  • You build your own business and can take you business away with you at any time. There is no sharing of your customers or lists with anyone else. You are building your own list of customers and assets which only you control and have access to.  In fact, you are encouraged to become independent and take off the 'training wheels' when you have reached the success level that you want (or you can stay attached as long as you want). You are merely utilizing the system to build your business - Unprecedented!
  • Project 100K: An A-Z training where Vick sets himself up as a newbie on the system and keeps the camera rolling as he makes $100,000 in 90 days without using his name, influence, email lists or connections to do it. Completely documented so that you can follow along including him thinking out aloud as he decides how to go about it. 

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