Online Marketing Pain

by mnothling

Why do most people in the online marketing space not enjoy any success? - never mind meaningful or long term success...

What is 'Online Marketing Pain?'

Despite all the self-proclaimed gurus and marketer income claims bantered about in this space, only 5% actually make money. The standard operating procedure is to 'sell the dream' and just ‘fake it until you make it’ but very few do. 

Most online marketers trying to be successful seem to have fallen into the trap of buying new training, new software, a new system - anything that they believe is going to help them achieve that breakthrough they so desperately desire. It becomes obsessive – almost like a gambling addiction – a cycle of buying the new shiny object, often doing nothing with it.

It’s as though there is relief of misery in the purchasing action itself. Before you can use the product, the next shiny object appears in your inbox and you move on to that one.

What is this ‘sickness’?

Product launch and JV marketers recognize this opportunity and exploit it to grab some short-term money in their efforts to fulfill their own dreams – but they rarely do either. They are also caught up in their own version of this obsession. There is this air of desperation and 'fear of losing out' that permeates this space which leads to grabbing at quick money while delivering poor value or no value in return. The whole shiny object syndrome is very addictive and only serves to increase the desperation to succeed without ever fulfilling that need.

I call it 'Online Marketing Pain' and 95% of online marketers have it... 

online marketing pain

This is an intervention!

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to take a time-out and have a serious meeting with yourself. Why are you in this space and what do you want to achieve? You need to set very definitive goals and then, take your email inbox, and start unsubscribing from all those lists that do not serve your goals right now. All those shiny objects...

Don't 'keep it for later' or 'I might need this in future'. If you don't have a use for it right now, unsubscribe. When you need something later, you won't have to worry,  there will be 10 new products that fill that need!

Please post your comments or questions below. If you haven't yet, you can check out my blog article about creating a Success Mindset.

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