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Tecademics - 'The Internet Marketing College'

TECADEMICS officially launched on August 5, 2016. Initially introduced as the 'Internet Marketing College' or 'IMC' during pre-launch, the new corporate name was officially unveiled by Chris Record, founder and CEO.

There are really two parts to TECADEMICS.

Part 1:

On the one hand, you have an accelerated online continuing educational solution for entrepreneurs, business owners, employees or anyone wanting an education in online marketing. Basically, a place where you can go to learn how to make money which is sorely lacking in traditional education institutions such as college or university.

Part 2:

The second part to TECADEMICS is their 'affiliate program with leverage' which offers students and affiliates, the opportunity to promote TECADEMICS to others and get paid affiliate commissions of up to 40% (currently ranging from $100 to $10,000 commissions per sale) - you can employ your new knowledge attained from your courses :) to make an income - potentially a very significant income! 

Here is a video by Chris Record detailing the educational side of TECADEMICS and what makes TECADEMICS so different to the traditional format that online marketing is taught in the industry.
You can join Tecademics as a student or as a free Ambassador. I suggest creating a free account first to have a look around and get a better idea of the various programs available. As a massive bonus currently, (even for free members), you get instant access to a library of high value training on a variety of online marketing subjects such as Facebook, Instagram, E-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and many more.

Create a Free Account. No Credit Card Required.

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