Review of Tecademics and The Four Percent Group

by mnothling

Tecademics and The Four Percent Group


The Four percent Group is the done-for-you affiliate platform built on a lego-style system that allows them to plug in any affiliate product or program that they decide to endorse and promote. A custom funnel is designed by The Four Percent Group for the products (often multiple funnels for different markets or angles) which members of Four Percent Group can then drive traffic to and earn affiliate commissions, all without them doing the selling, as the system really does the selling for you.

Tecademics is one of the programs that the Four Percent Group is promoting through their platform. While Tecademics affiliates can sign up directly with Tecademics, they only have access to the materials and funnels that Tecademics has released to all their affiliates. The Four Percent Group has created their own custom wrappers and funnels to promote Tecademics which non 4% Group members do not have access to. If one considers that the Four Percent Group members currently dominate the Tecademics leader boards, their members have a decided advantage promoting Tecademics through the Four Percent Group platform.

Remember, Tecademics is only one of multiple streams of income available through the Four percent Group and the training for driving traffic within 4% Group is unheard of in the industry with their Operation 100K, over the shoulder video training of how Vick Strizeus takes a brand new account and using a pseudonym (as a newbie with no list or influence), sets about generating $100,000 in 90 days from only 1 funnel paying $22 commissions per month per sale. This step by step training shows every step - the good, the bad and the ugly without editing. A true blueprint to driving traffic as an affiliate including his thoughts and strategies as he goes about completing this 'mission'.

My recommendation, Tecademics is undoubtedly one of the best affiliate programs to promote with their high value products and outrageous compensation plan, but promoting Tecademics is best done through the Four Percent Group platform which you can currently join for free below. This is a no brainer to me and both programs are highly recommended. (I am a proud member of both programs myself)

Update 2018:

Unfortunately, the Tecademics Affiliate program is no longer available.

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The Tecademics Affiliate program was amazing! Now that it’s gone, I suggest you checkout The Challenge!

Derick Watts

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