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Welcome to my Tecademics Review. I would like to emphasize that I am reviewing Tecademics as a member who has actually purchased the paid products and therefore I have access to the products enabling me to give a genuine review of Tecademics, the experience inside and the products they offer.

Is Tecademics A Scam or One Of The Best Online Education /Affiliate Programs Around?

If you are looking for a Review of Tecademics, chances are you have heard about it on social media or through a marketing email from an affiliate promoting either the Tecademics affiliate program or the Internet Marketing College program. You see, there are two parts to Tecademics which I will explain shortly.

So, let me first address the question of whether Tecademics is a legit business opportunity for affiliate marketing and/or a legit internet marketing college providing online marketing education.  Tecademics is not a scam, but a genuine opportunity in both cases.

Tecademics Review #1 Best Top Tier Affiliate Program

#1 Tecademics Review – The Internet Marketing College and Chris Record

Tecademics was conceived by Chris Record, 8 figure a year income  internet marketer who is CEO and co-founder along with Chairman, Jim Piccolo. Tecademics is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Chris Record started from a MLM online marketing background and moved on to becoming an affiliate for Empower Network. He has since created his own online marketing businesses and has vast experience in launching products on JVZoo and other affiliate marketing platforms as well as providing training and coaching on all aspects of internet marketing and social media to thousands of online marketers.

Tecademics is an accelerated continuing education program for online marketing. Tecademics provides structured learning in an otherwise very unstructured and chaotic online marketing training industry dominated by webinars, masterminds and marketing events where information tends to be applied with a fire hose approach over a very short span of hours or a few days. This leads to students being overwhelmed with information and unable to put their new concepts into practice effectively.

Chris Record’s vision was to create a structured learning environment where students are taught using proven learning methods employed in formal education institutions like a university or college to enhance retention of knowledge and proper application of the knowledge so that students can act, implement the new knowledge and achieve success.

As befitting a marketing college, Chris also wanted to create an affiliate opportunity that would allow students or affiliates to promote Tecademics and earn affiliate commissions utilizing their new marketing knowledge. You can watch an in-depth video of the online marketing college vision by Chris Record here.

Tecademics Education Products   Tecademics Courseware & Systematic Path Process (SPP)

Tecademics Ambassador – FREE

Here you can join for free and become an ambassador for Tecademics. Ambassador membership gives you free access to many previous high-value online marketing training by Chris Record prior to launching Tecademics. You are also able to promote Tecademics as an affiliate to earn affiliate commissions. 
Tecademics Ambassador

Tecademics Entrepreneur Club – cost $100pm

Entrepreneur Club (TEC) is the paid entry level, purely online learning course. It is designed to teach students the basics in online marketing to help inspire, motivate and develop the basic skills required to build, grow and scale an online business. Cost is $100 per month - annual option of $1,000 also available. Check out the Entrepreneur Club Course details.
TEC Entrepreneur Club

Tecademics Impact Series – Impact – cost $2,000

The Impact Series is an online home-study course presented by Chris Record and recorded in class at the Tecademics headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here the focus is on core training and internet marketing principles. Cost is $2,000. Coursework includes step-by-step video classes, audio training and workbooks as well as in class training when classes are recorded for students able to attend in person. Check out more in-depth Tecademics Impact Series Course details.
TEC Impact

Tecademics TEC Week (Masters) – cost $10,000

The Tecademics TEC Week course is a two-year tuition costing $10,000. This is a combined live and online classes coursework, focussing on maximizing the student’s internet marketing success. This is an advanced course building on the core training from the Impact Series course. Check out more details on the Tecademics TEC Week courseware.
TEC Week

Tecademics Incubator – Ecom Incubator - cost $25,000

The Tecademics Ecom Incubator is a premium 1 year hands-on training course conducted in person at Tecademics headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here instructors are on hand to train and show you how to set up a complete online e-commerce business. The Ecom Incubator not only teaches you how to plan, setup and launch your Shopify store with drop-shipping, the instructors are also on hand in class to help you implement every step over your shoulder. Product selection, store creation, Facebook campaigns and traffic strategies – all implemented and taught in live classes by top e-commerce marketers in the field.

Small classes ensure you get personal help and tuition at every step. Cost is $25,000 for this premium, live workshop training. This course comes with a Money Back Guarantee. Check out the Tecademics Ecom Incubator course details.

tecademics ecom incubator
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#2 Tecademics Review – Affiliate Marketing with Leverage

The Tecademics affiliate program is based on a tiered product system. Each product is a separate tier and affiliates must qualify for each product before receiving a commission on sales for that tier.

Each product requires one sale to qualify (called an activation sale) and then two more sales as certification sales. The affiliate can qualify for the product either by purchasing the product himself or by passing up their first sale (and member) to their first qualified upline.

The next two sales (the training sales) are shared 50/50 with their upline.

Every 5th sale is shared 50/50 with the affiliate’s upline.

This creates the leverage part of the affiliate program – a sort of hybrid affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing system where uplines derive initial income from a downline’s sales and then share in the commission of every 5th sale of their downline afterward. To be eligible for commission on a downline’s sale, the upline must be activated and qualified, or the commission will pass up to the first qualified upline above them.

So, the more downlines you have as a qualified and certified affiliate, the more sales commissions pass up to you.

Create a Free Ambassador Account - No Credit Card Required

Tecademics Compensation Plan - Matching Millions Bonus Program

The Tecademics compensation plan consists of the same affiliate marketing with leverage concept that I just described where affiliates earn up to 40% commissions on sales. When sharing commissions, they get 20% commissions.

Besides the formal courses that I explained in the Tecademics Products section above, Tecademics keeps adding additional products such as event tickets and software subscriptions which all pay a maximum of 40% commissions.

The Tecademics bonus program called the ‘Matching Millions’ allows an affiliate 36 months from joining in which to qualify for the Matching Millions bonuses. When the affiliate generates their first $100,000 in commissions, they are immediately bonused $100,000 by Tecademics. When the affiliate reaches their first $1 million in commissions (including the $100,00 that they received as a bonus earlier), Tecademics will immediately bonus them another $1 million.

As part of the bonus program, Chris Record purchases a new sports car every 6 months, uses it for marketing and the car is then raffled off at one of the Tecademics events. For every $100,000 an affiliate generates in commissions, they get 1 entry ticket into the draw for winning the car. The first car raffled is a BMW I8 wrapped in the orange marketing colors associated with Chris Record and Tecademics. There are also other luxury holiday packages to exotic locations up for grabs part of the Matching Millions bonus program.

Tecademics Compensation plan
Tecademics Matching Millions
With Tecademics courses paying affiliate commissions of up to $10,000 per sale and the leverage available, qualifying for the bonuses is very achievable. You are not competing with other affiliates, you are only competing with yourself!

How to Join Tecademics and The Cost to Join

To join Tecademics, you sign up by clicking the button below. The cost to join Tecademics is free and you will be registered as an Ambassador initially. Once you have created your account, you will be able to access the other paid courses from the member’s area.
To enroll for the Tecademics Ecom Incubator program, click the button above, create a free account and then you will need to complete an application process to claim your desk in the class. Seats are limited to keep class sizes small and ensure personal attention from the Ecom Instructors. 

Tecademics Reviewed – Summary and Verdict

best top tier program

In summary, Tecademics represents one of the most exciting opportunities for affiliate marketing as well as for online marketing training to be launched in many years.

This is a top tier program managed by a very experienced and respected management team.  Combine the excellent leadership with a group of top earning marketers in the industry, a team of Ph.D. and masters level educators from top universities who take all that marketing knowledge and create structured education programs. Back that up with a great team of support staff including sales teams to help close sales for you and you have the recipe for a legitimate company that exudes excellence in everything they do.

As a FAM (Founding Alumni Member) of Tecademics, I continue to be blown away by the quality of everything coming out of Tecademics. Not just the quality of the courses, the spectacular events that Tecademics regularly hosts, the outrageous compensation plan and the regular updates in the Facebook group, but the sheer excitement of being part of such a well-run and fast moving company that over delivers on every level. Tecademics is a program that merits your immediate attention!

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