The Four Percent Group

by mnothling
I have been a member of the Four Percent Group since July 2016. I joined during pre-launch and the longer I have been a member, the better it's got!

So, what is the 4 Percent Group?

The 4 Percent Group is the brainchild of Vick Strizheus. It is an automated affiliate product sales system that allows multiple products from various companies to be plugged in and sold through custom sales funnels. This modular approach enables a wide variety of products to be added easily ensuring diversity of products, multiple sources of income and prevents market saturation.

The major benefit of multiple products from various companies, is that if a company providing a product goes out of business or discontinues a product as often happens in affiliate marketing, the rest of the income streams are unaffected and the product can be removed easily without affiliates losing their only source of income and having to start again.

Only top quality products that are in high demand in the industry are selected for the platform. A number of customized sales funnels are then created around the product aimed at targeting different markets, each from a unique angle suited to that market. This results in very targeted and high converting funnels that sell the products without members having to sell people themselves.

The hosting, selection and negotiating of products, creation of funnels, ad copy for email sequences and templates for landing pages are provided by the Four Percent Group at no extra cost to members. All the members really need to do, is plug into the system on the front end and drive traffic to the funnels.

Setup and Training

One of the main principles of the Four Percent Group, is to create a system that is simple and produces results for newbies or experienced marketers alike. Vick wants to be able to take a complete newbie 'off the street' , plug them into the system and give them the best opportunity in the marketplace to earn a significant income almost immediately.

Getting set up as a new member, is as step by step as you will get. Each step is documented with videos and you really can't go wrong. All your commissions that the platform sells for you are paid out either by Clickbank or the vendors of the products. Your affiliate commissions do not go to the 4% group, they go directly to you.

All your commissions from products that the platform sells for you are paid out either through Clickbank or the vendors of the products. Your affiliate commissions do not go to the 4% group, they go directly to you.

Operation 100K

To teach you traffic generation, Vick Strizheus puts on a newbie hat, adopts a pseudonym for the role and without using his name, list or influence, sets about earning $100,000 in affiliate commissions in 90 days using one of the funnels in the system. This is Operation 100K and from day 1, he 'leaves the camera rolling' as he sets about generating this goal. He thinks aloud as he plans and executes each step documenting his thought process and you see him implementing each step. This is invaluable as you not only see each step  (which you can duplicate), but you understand the thought process and sequence of each step.

Why the 4% in the Four Percent Group name?

A large part of the training focuses on your mindset. Vick really emphasizes and repeatedly focuses on this subject as it is one of the biggest failings by online entrepreneurs. He has removed or reduced the overwhelm that most aspiring online marketers experience by developing this 'done for you' platform, the system puts money into your account which boosts your confidence and you can focus on the 4% of work that produces 96% of the results - hence the 4% group.

If you have heard of the 80/20 rule - only 20% of people take action, four percenters believe that the 80/20 rule applies to the 20% too resulting in the 'Four Percenters'.

Four Percent Group Benefits

  • Earn up to $10,000 commissions per sale currently
  • Get monthly recurring commissions on many products
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Build and own your own list
  • Affiliate marketing on steroids!
  • Earn while you learn - apply concepts to other projects too
  • Weekly strategy meetings - learn the psychology and strategies
  • Done for you sales system
  • No saturation due to continuous addition of new funnels and products
  • Excellent support and highly motivated group
  • Great events and compensation plan
  • Don't need any other online business - you can just focus here
  • Not doing what all the other affiliate marketers are doing
  • Operation 100K is possibly the BEST Traffic Training available
  • Very low cost of membership - ridiculous for what you get!

This is still the link to join the Four Percent Group at pre-launch pricing with $49 membership and 60 day money back guarantee.

Some four percent group affiliate success stories and results

Check out this introductory video from inside the members area for a taste of what's inside!

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  • Teo Lee Sze
    February 24, 2017

    Can this program be join in any country?

    • mnothling
      February 24, 2017

      Hi Teo, yes you can join and use this program from most countries. The main issue is ensuring that you can receive commission payments.
      Clickbank is the main payment processor and they recently added ClickBetter to cover the countries that Clickbank would not process.

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