Copywriting - "Words That Sell"

Copywriting is a fundamental skill requirement for all online marketers. Great sales copy is required for sales pages, email follow up sequences, creating banner ads, creating Facebook ads or any Social Media posts, etc. You really can't get away from requiring good sales copy. You can take the 'easy way out' and hire freelancers, but don't expect it to come cheap!

If this is not a strong area for you and the thought of writing a sales letter or convincing email sequence sends shivers down your spine, don't worry, it's a skill you can learn and if you have a formula and structure to your sales copy, it is not nearly as intimidating as you may think.

Personally, I have a little system worked out for creating sales copy, there is a sales copy course listed below that is very inexpensive that I personally use and can vouch for. I also have a really great piece of software that will change the way you create sales copy forever which I will be sharing with you.

Besides the course, the software is subscription based but will churn out original sales copy fast - great for rewriting all your old sales copy that isn't converting too. I suggest you give it a try after getting the fundamentals covered with the copywriting course. You can always cancel your subscription once you have updated your sales copy everywhere!

Here is a sample of sales copy from the copywriting course. See if you can spot the formula used...

"How To Start Your Own High-Ticket Coaching Program In Seven Days Or Less..."

(Without Speaking To Anyone On The Phone OR Using Skype If You Don't Want To)

"...Even If You Have Never Coached Anyone In Your Life"

Once you have a formula and structure to you writing, it becomes quite easy and fun! Here are the links below.
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For those of you that have tried content spinners before and found them terrible... but you still need to crunch out articles in many variations for SEO purposes ->  here is a link to the best content spinner by far.          * compensated affiliate