How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Knowing how to increase traffic to your website 'as and when needed', is probably the single most important skill that you need to master to be successful online.

 Without traffic, your website is like an exotic sports car that has no gas in the tank - it may be good to look at, but it ain't going anywhere!

From what I have observed in chat boxes on multiple training webinars, if you ask 10 online marketers what is the one thing they need help with to start making money, I estimate 9 out of 10 will answer 'traffic'. The specific question I see asked is: 'Where can I find traffic?'

The thing about traffic, is not to go looking for it like you are hunting some rare animal in the jungle. Traffic is everywhere on the web. What you want to do, is look at where the traffic already is (that you want) and just step in front of it with a funnel.

But, there is a qualifier... to get that traffic to convert to a sale of your product, you will need to present your product to people who actually need or want your product. Just 'getting traffic' is useless unless you have a way of converting the traffic to money. So, first ask yourself, 'who would want my product?' Once you have answered that question, the next question becomes... well, where do those people hang out online?

With that in mind, here is some video training that will provide some background and ideas as to where traffic is 'hiding out'. One last point, don't try to jump into ten different traffic strategies from the outset. Select one traffic strategy and master it first, then move on to the next one as an 'add on' or you will probably become overwhelmed with no results to show. 

25 Proven Traffic Methods


Part 1:

To download a pdf version of this presentation that will allow you to follow along or refer to later, simply right click this link (part 1) and 'save as' to your desktop.

Part 2:

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Free and Low-Cost Traffic Sources

Free traffic does not mean bad traffic. It normally requires more work and time to cultivate but can result in very targeted and highly converting traffic. When it comes to scaling up the traffic at will, you find it's limitations. Free traffic generally does not lend itself well to scaling quickly as it cannot be 'turned on' as and when needed. To scale, you typically require paid traffic.

When it comes to getting low-cost traffic, there are a number of factors to consider with regards to the quality of traffic. Low-cost traffic has the reputation of being 'low-quality' traffic. This traffic may be derived from 'scammy' sites, gambling or porn sites as well as traffic from tier 3 countries that do not speak English well and don't typically spend money online on a credit card. You also have to watch for a lot of 'bot' traffic which is not coming from real people visiting your site. Unfortunately, it does mean that you may have to dig through a lot of dirt to find the rare gems amongst them. Often, it is a lack of experience and knowledge that makes this journey tedious. 

This next series of video training explains how to use traffic exchanges correctly to tap into some free traffic sources. You will also find that many will offer low-cost traffic options such as link rotators and cheap solo ad packages. If not, you will certainly see them on some of the ads running on these exchanges. I would highly recommend you make use of link tracking software to better understand what type of traffic you are getting and to help you find those traffic gems you are looking for. Without tracking software, you are flying blind which costs you a lot of wasted time and money in this process. You should check out my post in this regard here which also covers some important strategies for Solo Ads as a traffic source.

Also check out my Traffic Sources Report that shows you some working examples of how I use link tracking software to identify the type of traffic I am getting while testing a few traffic sources.

How To Use Traffic Exchanges

I have added some banner ads for various traffic exchange websites that I have used myself on the side of this page that you can check out. They take some work, but you can get some decent traffic. The key to success here is understanding the psychology around users of these sites.

Firstly, a site like Leadsleap has advertisers clicking on other advertisers ads and then staying on the page for a minimum of 5 seconds to get a credit. These credits go towards 'funding' their own adverts which other users have to look at as well. So, what happens is that most visitors to your offer are only there for 5 seconds and they are mindlessly clicking through enough offers to get the credits they want. There is no real engagement from their side when they hit your squeeze page, when 5 seconds are up, they are gone.

Fortunately, these are also people who are interested in the 'make money online' or 'online marketing' niche so, if you can do a good enough job of catching their attention, so they can't help themselves from engaging, you have an opportunity to get a conversion from a highly targeted list of users. The secret is to snap them out of their stupor with an offer that will make them stay for more than 5 seconds. Take some time looking at the squeeze pages that you land on when clicking other people's ads, but be aware of the frame of mind and the level of engagement of the people typically clicking through to these landing pages. How can you break the stupor that they are in after clicking 20 ads? How can you be different?

Here is an example of one that caught my attention and just stood out to me after I had clicked through about 30 ads myself while making a conscious effort to be an observer of what other users would typically be doing. 

Offers that convert best will be free offers that are interesting and low cost traffic generation offers. Utilize a squeeze page to build a list of people interested in this niche but keep it short and snappy on the landing page. You can email them afterwards with valuable content and the odd interesting offer. Remember, they would be paying for traffic if they had lots of money to spend and not trading time for money unless they are using this traffic to test conversions on a funnel... which most are not.

Media Buying

This video gave a brief overview of some of the better known media buyer networks and where they fit into the paid traffic landscape.

I thought I would add in this video training below on using USFreeAds which provides Tier 1 traffic and may not be on many people's radar as a low priced traffic source.

Advertising On  - Update - Now use or

Facebook and Google Adwords Advertising Platforms

One of the main go-to traffic sources these days is Facebook advertising which allows you to drive highly targeted traffic to your website or offer. This traffic is very scale-able and with the right strategies, can provide a very reasonable cost per lead or cost per conversion.

To properly utilize and master Facebook advertising requires some specific strategies and training. You also need to be aware of the advertising rules and requirements to prevent your ad account being shut down. There are strategies for getting free traffic from Facebook and video views for as low as a penny or less per view. You can check out my Facebook Ads Authority course here and my Facebook Live Authority course here. (they may be getting outdated now...)

Another go-to traffic source is Google's Adwords platform but due to the high costs for competitive keywords, rather look at YouTube paid advertising. Utilizing YouTube, you could drive traffic by building a channel and uploading videos which you then rank, but this takes time and knowledge to grow and does not scale on demand.

Running ads on YouTube however, is very scale-able and can be very cost effective if done correctly. Here you leverage the large amounts of traffic already generated by ranking videos related to specific keywords which allows highly targeted, buyers traffic because YouTube is really a search engine and like Google, you attract traffic with a much higher buyer intent as they are searching for particular subjects and want a solution based on those keywords.

Similar to Facebook, utilizing YouTube adverts requires specific strategies and training to get a reasonable return on your advertising dollars to return a low cost per lead or cost per conversion. You can check out my YouTube Ads Excellence training here. (may be getting outdated now...)

My Recommended Best Traffic Products For 2020...


1. Underground Traffic System

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2. Internet Traffic Academy

When it comes to mastering traffic generation, there is really only one training that I recommend as the comprehensive authority on paid traffic generation. This is for serious marketers who are committed to making their online business their primary source of income and want to treat it as a serious business. This is not the latest hack or loophole or platform dependent, this is career changing knowledge.

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