How Your Mindset Affects Your Online Success

Your Subconscious Beliefs Affect Your Success

95% of people lack a true success mindset. They move through life mostly on auto-pilot, sticking to what they know and what is comfortable. They want success (no-one wants to be mediocre), but they don't take action or they don't take effective action.

The reason people don’t take action and become successful is really down to 1 reason (even though you can come up with a thousand reasons) - they can't answer the following question:

Why do I want this?

Have you ever sat down and worked out what your real motivation is for doing what you do in your life? Is this the life you really wanted?

I believe very few people have really thought about what they want in life. As a result, they are not focused, they do not have a definite goal or purpose. They have this vague idea of what would be cool or 'sounds nice' but don’t have a definite plan mapped out in absolute detail of what they really want and so don’t really believe they can achieve that life and don't fully commit to achieving that life.

They dabble in the online marketing space and eventually either give up and go back to their previous life, or they have become desperate to achieve a breakthrough because they have spent so much time and money, they can't afford to walk away. They are now hungry enough to take action, but they still don’t have the right mindset - a definite goal or vision of where they are going. In panic mode, they run around like headless chickens desperately trying this then that - settling for low quality, scammy methods while frittering away their last dollars in the process with no chance of real success.

To form the right mindset to be successful, you first have to know what you want to achieve and why it is important to you.

Is it the thing you really want and how badly do you want it? It has to be everything to you. It has to be a worthy goal – so make it big enough and important enough. The end result must become all consuming. You have to picture it, obsess about it, see yourself already having it!

As you make progress with small steps, you build momentum, your belief grows, your motivation grows, your excitement grows. Maintain your focus on the goal – do not get distracted – you have to build this ritual and stay focused until you achieve the goal. Once you have achieved your goal, its time for the next one but now, you have already built a ritual, a blueprint that you can follow and copy to achieve your next goal. Now it is much easier.

The biggest obstacle is FEAR. ‘I can do this BUT…’  = fear. You want the results but you are afraid - afraid of failure.

The holy grail of belief or momentum = absolute certainty. "You must believe to achieve" but the ultimate belief is certainty

How do you get that certainty?  That success mindset?

The Chicken & Egg Thing...

success mindset

We all have limiting beliefs of what we think we can achieve – this is embedded in your subconscious mind which runs most of your life on autopilot and is far stronger than your conscious mind.

Consciously you may think you can achieve a particular goal, but if your subconscious does not believe it, you are doomed to failure in achieving the results - you will not follow through. Your beliefs are ingrained in the subconscious as a result of what information it has been fed since childhood – it has taken a lifetime to install those beliefs.

If you don’t really believe in a result, you automatically limit your potential. How much action do we take if we don’t believe we can achieve the result? -  little or none - which leads to poor results which re-enforces our limiting beliefs -  leading to us telling ourselves – “You see, I told you it would not work” - which leads to even less action if we ‘try next time’. It is a vicious self-fulfilling cycle of failure.

Well, just as we have this negative self-fulfilling cycle leading to failure, if we ‘reverse this subconscious machine’, we can create a self-fulfilling success cycle that can become self perpetuating!

So, how or where do we break this chicken/egg cycle to create a ‘success machine’?  

You start with belief

If you don’t believe, how do you grow belief ?  - to realize your real potential  - and take massive action  - giving massive results  - which strengthens your belief  - by tapping into more potential…

You practice in your headyou visualize the end result you want in your mind – this reprograms the subconscious through repetition and eventually overcomes your beliefs that 'it can’t be done'… to 'it’s possible'… to 'I have already done it'.

This secret is the difference between the 5% who have it all and the 95% who don’t. You get certainty by ‘practicing’ the result in your head every day and then you take massive action to manifest it.

So what now?

Step 1. You have to decide what you really want. I call it a step, but this is actually a complete process that you cannot avoid. It may be the single most difficult task you have to complete. Decide what you want and then create a detailed vision of what you want – make sure you create the life you really want in your vision. This is a very important step so if you need help, you can use Brian Tracy's goal planning system* compensated affiliate

Step 2. What is the one single goal, that if you achieved it, would remove 80% of the barriers to you creating the life you want? This could be a belief, a financial goal, a relationship goal, a health goal, a spiritual goal… any single goal that is going to motivate and drive you every day to look forward to the day and taking massive action on the road to creating the life that excites you and motivates you.

Step 3. Define on paper exactly what that goal is and state it as if you have already achieved it.

Step 4. Now you are ready to take The Challenge. The Challenge is a vehicle to achieving your goals - a means to an end. The success technology is integrated in the 'vehicle' and you use the vehicle to drive the path to your goals. 

Time to take action and develop that success mindset! 

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